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Mrs. Mikov Studio is the best place to take piano lessons in Centerville, Miami Township, Washington Township and surrounding area! Narcisa Mikov, LTCL, MTAC is a friendly piano instructor who has taught piano, keyboard and voice lessons to hundreds of students ever since 1993. Formerly director and owner of the European School of Music Art in California, Narcisa is the institutional representative in the United States for the Trinity College of London, UK.


What is the best age to start taking piano lessons?

The earliest we recommend starting piano lessons for children is 4 or 5 years old. Students younger than 4-5 can have difficulty reaching the distance between keys because of hand size. If a child is younger than 5 and still has an interest in starting music we recommend taking one of our preschool music classes. These group classes for ages 3-5 give children the foundational skills of rhythm, melody and note recognition that will give them future success in private piano lessons. Adults can get started at any age.


5 ways to get the most out of piano lessons

1. Take lessons in a professional teaching environment or quiet room in your home. 2. Use nationally recognized teaching materials. 3. Insist on private one on one instruction. 4. Take lessons from a qualified, university trained teacher. 5. Choose music that is interesting to you or your child.


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Centerville Piano Lessons is the best place to learn piano in Centerville area of Dayton, Ohio.

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We provide excellent piano lessons for students of all ages.

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Our vision is to help each and every student reach their goal when it comes to piano music lessons.

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